Tiger attacks employee at Topeka Zoo

Sanjiv the Topeka Zoo's new Sumatran tiger roams around his exhibit after being allowed in it for the first time on Thursday Aug. 10 2017 in Topeka Kan

Female zoo keeper attacked by tiger at Topeka Zoo

The official said a few visitors reportedly witnessed the attack.

A representative from the Topeka Zoo says a male tiger injured a female keeper Saturday morning.

The zookeeper was taken to the hospital and was alert and awake when she was transported.

The tiger, named Sanjiv, and the zookeeper were in the "same place" Saturday when he attacked her, said Molly Hadfield, a spokeswoman for the City of Topeka.

The trainer, whose name was not released, was in severe or critical condition.

While a city official say the animal and the zookeeper were in the "same space", she could not specify what caused the attack.

Hadfield said staffers placed Sanjiv the tiger into a holding area and that tigers would not be on display for the rest of the day.

According to Wiley, the staff member is "extremely well-qualified" and is the zoo's "primary tiger keeper".

The Zoo has reached out to Associated of Zoos and Aquariums about the incident and, Wiley said, they plan to review their policies and procedures in response to the attack.

Wiley went on to share that despite the "unfortunate incident", Sanjiv, who recently fathered 4 cubs, would not be euthanized.

A representative for the Topeka Zoo declined to comment to The Post, as did local police.

The zoo, which closed for 45 minutes, has since been reopened, she said. Sumatran tigers are a "critically rare" and "endangered" species, Wiley said.

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