Google is now offering search and browser options to users in Europe

How to set a monthly budget for your Google Play purchases on Android

Google Adds Search and Browser Ballot Screens to Android in the EU -

Google lost three major anti-trust cases in the region, including one that concerns Android. Users will also see a notice if they want to change the default search engine, which is sometimes more involved than installing a new browser.

The option is rolling out over the coming weeks, but the company has just published screenshots and information on the process.

The new screens are now in rollout and will arrive to all European Android devices over the next few weeks.

Crucially, when a user downloads a search engine other than Google, he or she will be asked whether that option - such as Qwant or DuckDuckGo - should be become the default search app on the phone.

The ten apps are chosen based on their popularity and shown in a random order.

The browser app and search engine apps will be presented to you as per your country's database and populairty.

If any additional search or browser app is installed, more instructions screens will follow to help the user set up the new app. Google had been requiring Android handset makers to pre-install the company's search engine and the Chrome browser as a pre-condition to offering the Google Play store app on their phones. A link to the Settings is provided where that can be done.

It is also against Google's developer policy to hide an app's connection to its developer, which the DU Group apps did, and to not inform users that it's collecting and sharing their data. The company was hit with a massive 4.34 billion Euro fine past year for unfair advantages over competition on Android.

The tech giant also announced that from now onward, it would take more time to review the apps submitted to them for Play Store. These restrictions allowed the Mountain View company to cement its search and browser dominance, the commission ruled. It is unclear by how much, but if Opera's experience back in 2010 is anything to go by, it could very well triple downloads easily. This budget feature is meant to be a simple reference for tracking your spending that you can take advantage of it; it doesn't implement hard restrictions like Google's Family Link parental controls can.

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