New battlefront: New premier of Canada's Alberta to roll back environmental protections

Alberta's legislature in Edmonton during the summer

Alberta's legislature in Edmonton during the summer

Throughout the campaign, accusing their opponents of racism and xenophobia became Alberta NDP's primary tactic with often ridiculous results as the smears turned egg on New Democrats' faces than any points on their social justice scoreboards.

Kenney told the Canadian media he intends to rescind the carbon tax imposed by Ottawa and planned to make law a bill passed a year ago that could cut off oil and natural gas shipments to British Columbia.

Kenney's distaste for the NDP and federal government's carbon plan could create its own headache.

Gary Mar, president and CEO of Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) said, "The platform of the UCP precisely reflects the needs of the tens of thousands of service sector companies and workers that PSAC represents that have been devastated by the flight of capital from the oil and gas industry".

Albertans outside of Edmonton decided that a more aggressive plan under Jason Kenney and his rookie United Conservative Party will be more effective.

We wish the best of luck to the new crop.

The UCP's tactics could well sway things in Alberta's favour, but it could also harden opponents' resolve and light new political fires. The NDP got 40 per cent, enough to win a majority government thanks to vote splitting in Calgary.

He says his party's centrist polices struggled to find a place in a polarized campaign.

To do that, he had to win the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party. But cabinet ministers and backbenchers went down elsewhere.

Marg McCuaig-Boyd, the province's former energy minister, has lost her seat in Central Peace-Notley.

The UCP dominated in rural Alberta and Calgary, while the NDP remained strong in Edmonton.

As expected, Jason Kenney and his United Conservative Party swept the left-wing New Democratic Party out of office in a landslide victory in Alberta's general election Tuesday.

Mandel was hoping to sit in the legislature for the second time.

Mandel won a byelection the following month, but was defeated in the May 2015 provincial election.

But Campaign Life says Alberta's premier-elect must step up and do more for life and family. However, numerous seats are locked in.

The UCP would hold a referendum in 2021 on removing equalization from the Constitution Act if "substantial progress" hasn't been made on a coastal pipeline.

In the previous two decades, the NDP had never been able to elect more than four members of the legislature, and had been shut out of Calgary since the 1980s.

Results of the vote, with the count almost complete, showed the UCP had won 63 out of 87 seats in the provincial legislature. Check. Then he had to unite the fractious Wildrose and PC parties into the UCP.

"But a province has a tough time fighting with the federal government".

But in the end, Notley tipped her hat to the province she loves and the voters who saw through her cheap smear tactics.

The opposition, meanwhile, viewed Kenney's remarks as a threat.

Trudeau cordially congratulated Kenney on his victory, but CBC quoted analysts who suspect the prime minister dreads the permanent headache he is about to develop from constant confrontations with the Albertans and other energized conservatives, and his supply of political aspirin is running low. "There are many other issues that people care about, but when it's this dire of a situation, and the economy is the No. 1 issue, people vote their pocketbooks".

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