United Airlines Cancels All Boeing 737 Max Flights Until July

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Previously scrutinized USA airplane maker Boeing saw its stocks jump by 1.7 percent after the Flight Standardization Board (FSB) panel of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the company's planned revisions to the 737 Max model's software as "operationally suitable".

Boeing said earlier this month it planned to submit a software upgrade and additional training for the anti-stall system known as Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) on the planes to the FAA in the coming weeks for approval.

The FAA report said the board evaluated the changes in March for a training and checking differences determination and found the system "to be operationally suitable".

Boeing has completed 96 flights totaling more than 159 hours of air time with the new software fix for the Max fleet.

Brand Finance's previous estimation of the damage to Boeing's brand was Dollars 7.5 billion, right after the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane, which was the second 737 MAX accident in five months.

Brand Finance had previously estimated the damage to the value of Boeing's reputation at $7.5 billion immediately after the 10 March crash of an Ethiopian Airlines jetliner, the second fatal accident involving the same model in five months. The crashes killed almost 350 people combined.

Chances are you won't be traveling on a Boeing 737 Max during your summer vacation travels. The company has proposed a computer-based training that will familiarize pilots upgrading from the 737 NG series with the MCAS system.

The FAA convened a meeting to discuss training and other issues on April 12 with safety representatives of the three United States airlines that operate the MAX as well as the pilot unions for those airlines. It will also include new cockpit alerts showing when the system malfunctions.

"MCAS ground training must address system description, functionality, associated failure conditions, and flight crew alerting, " it said.

In the U.S., Southwest is the largest carrier of the 737 Max, followed by American and United, according to Airline Data Inc.

It initially signed off on the training requirements for the Max aircraft in 2017.

The software fix is the first of several steps in getting the Max planes back into service.

The No. 3 US carrier is the first of three USA 737 MAX operators to report first-quarter results. Not only must it receive a technical sign-off by the FAA, but there is also the tricky issue of public acceptance after the two high-profile crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Many analysts think it will likely be July or August before the FAA allows it to fly again, and longer in other countries.

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