Car2go: 'Fraud' caused Chicago shutdown, not hacking

car2go suspends all service in Chicago due to ‘fraud issue’

Car2Go car-sharing in Chicago on pause following fraud problem

'The Chicago Police Department is working with the company to determine whether there any other vehicles whose locations can not be accounted for.

CBS Chicago reporter Brad Edwards wrote on his personal Twitter account that numerous stolen cars were used to commit crimes.

While the exact details are hazy, it appears that as-of-yet undetermined individuals fraudulently used the company's app to gain access to Car2Go vehicles and then make their dastardly escape.

Car2Go, which is part of the Share Now network, allows members to rent vehicles locally by the hour from a pool of hundreds of cars scattered around the city, picking them up from and leaving them in curbside spots.

The Chicago Car2Go fleet started out with Smart ForTwo cars and bigger Mercedes-Benz CLA/GLA models; we can imagine the ForTwos are a touch slight for any ram raiding, but an escape auto that can vanish in a crowd of other shared Smart cars seems handy for misuse.

The app car2go has temporarily suspended operations in Chicago after dozens of people allegedly defrauded the short-term rental site and stole as many as 100 Mercedes-Benz sedans and other high-end cars, it has been reported.

Daimler stressed the thieves were after cars, and that its service wasn't hacked. The service remains operational outside of Chicago.

"No personal or confidential member information has been compromised", Daimler spokesman Michael Silverman said.

The company tweeted: 'Clarification: We were not hacked. "No other SHARE NOW North American market has been affected". It added that most of the cars recovered were found on the West Side of Chicago, and that about 100 cars are still unaccounted for. "The investigation is ongoing".

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