A 'Pink moon' will light up the sky this Good Friday

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It's also referred to as the Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Growing Moon or Full Fish Moon. "A attractive muted orange, that gradually turns to a lighter, slightly brighter yellow as the moon rises higher in the sky". However, the moon will still be visible to skywatchers both Thursday and Friday night.

But, in the modern, digital age of internet excitement, it's the pink designation that has gained prominence because it "sounds" as if some spectacular color is about the engulf the moon. The sun's light hits these molecules and then depending on the length of the wavelength appear differently to our eyes. That is why the sky is blue.

The color will be similar to that of a regular full moon: bright yellow or white, perhaps orange at some points. For best viewing check your local moon rise and set times.

The next full moon will rise on May 18.

Whatever intentions you set on a new moon always develops throughout the course of the waxing moon phase, until your desires blossom completely on the full moon.

In other words, the moon is completely sunlight and appears to us from the earth as a round white disk. The full moon occurs roughly every month.

Despite its name, the moon will not actually look pink (stock image).

Which could look pretty cool in and of itself, but doesn't make for very good moon gazing this time around.

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