Take the R2D2: Donegal road named after 'Star Wars' robot

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‘Star Wars’: Rian Johnson & ‘Game of Thrones’ Writers Working Together on the Next Decade of Films

A road in Co Donegal has been renamed the R2D2, in a tribute to one of the most famous "Star Wars" characters.

"It's kind of better to wait for the right moment", he said of dropping both the trailer and name at Star Wars Celebration this weekend in Chicago to fans' delight. "[It's] odd! I have to be candid with you", she told Eurogamer correspondent Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, "I mean, it's coming from the EA Star Wars Twitter handle, so it's certainly part of the plan, but I don't know whether it's implicitly referencing previous comments they made after our project was killed?" The trailer was dark, gritty, and established a pretty compelling premise about a Jedi trying to bring as little attention to him as possible.

Hennig, who had her Ragtag Star Wars project cancelled by EA two years ago, was attending Reboot Develop in Dubrovnik when the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reveal took place.

Everybody was interested in working on a Star Wars, even though we were really interested in the other game that we were working on, we saw this as an opportunity. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, LucasFilm's Kathleen Kennedy addressed the future of the franchise.

"We're not just looking at what the next three movies might be, or talking about this in terms of a trilogy", said Kennedy. "Yes, absolutely. I think that that's absolutely on the horizon", she said.

"This is all speculation on my part, I don't know why the change of heart happened", Hennig stated, "because that was very clearly not an acceptable plan when we were working on Ragtag!" Below is a new tweet from Jay Ingram, community engagement manager at EA for Star Wars, in which he confirms there are now no plans for DLC for the game. We're looking at: "What is the next decade of storytelling?" "They're working very closely with Rian".

So what does the next phase of Star Wars look like?

Kennedy and Star Wars have been roundly criticized for what appears to be a lack of planning for the current Star Wars trilogy. Then Rian Johnson arrived and wrote The Last Jedi entirely. While we don't know the exact reasons yet, it's a move that makes a lot of sense for EA. That's the Star Wars DNA, right?

"I also think Respawn's game has the benefit of being largely developed before they were acquired".

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