SpaceX carries out first commercial launch

The Falcon Heavy central core booster lands on a drone ship stationed hundreds of miles out in the Atlantic Ocean

The Falcon Heavy central core booster lands on a drone ship stationed hundreds of miles out in the Atlantic Ocean

A SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy rocket launches at 6:35 PM from Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, Fla. on Thursday.

Falcon Heavy vaulted a pricey communications satellite into orbit for Saudi Arabia-based Arabsat.

Orders for Falcon Heavy flights have grown to five contracted missions, including three commercial missions and a $130 million contract to launch the Air Force Space Command-52 satellite.

The rocket carried a Saudi Arabian satellite operated by Arabsat, a year after sending SpaceX founder Elon Musk's slick red Tesla roadster into orbit as a test. It was the first time the company had landed all three boosters for Falcon Heavy. Shortly after, the rocket's three boosters touched down back on Earth.

NASA tweeted: "Congratulations to @SpaceX on today's successful launch and landing of the Falcon Heavy rocket!"

SpaceX chief Elon Musk warned in advance things might go wrong, given the upgraded version of the rocket with unproven changes.

Note that the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy will open for United States new opportunities. During the 2018 test flight, the core booster missed the mark and fell into the Atlantic Ocean. One of the best traits of Falcon 9 is the reusability since the first stage of the rocket will always return to Earth. The company selected Falcon Heavy in September for a mission anticipated in late 2017 or 2018. The vehicle, which was carrying a space-suited mannequin nicknamed Starman, was vaulted into outer space and is expected to orbit the sun for the foreseeable future. Then, as it launched, all of this energy poured forth from 27 engines in a meticulously controlled explosion for the objective of sending a 6-ton satellite into geostationary orbit. This was a success following SpaceX's water landing in a similar maneuver a year ago.

The satellite is created to provide television, internet, telephone, and secure communications to customers in the Middle East. The center core landed on a SpaceX drone ship ten minutes and 20 seconds into the mission. Before the rocket finally launched more than two years later, Musk suggested to several news outlets, including CNN, that the rocket could explode.

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