Under pressure, CPSC recalls Rock 'n Play Sleepers

Rock 'n Play Sleeper by Fisher-Price

Rock 'n Play Sleeper by Fisher-Price

Following Friday's recall, Buerkle said the investigation into the sleepers had been a top priority for the commission and announced that officials will continue looking into other inclined sleep products.

Since the 2009 product introduction, over 30 infant deaths have been reported using Rock 'n Plays.

The voluntary recall comes a week after Fisher-Price and CPSC issued a safety warning on the sleepers. The company said that children older than 3 months who have learned how to roll over should not use the "Rock 'N Play".

A safety warning was issued last week, but The American Academy of Pediatrics urged Fisher-Price and the CPSC to recall the sleepers, calling them "deadly".

All varieties of the Fisher-Price Rock N' Play Sleepers fall under this recall. "We continue to work closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding the safe use of our products, including the Rock 'n Play Sleeper".

Fisher-Price called the deaths "an unimaginable tragedy". In these instances, infants who were not in restraints rolled over in the Rock 'n Play.

The AAP does not recommend any sleeping products for infants or any products that require restraining a baby. Tragically, that is not the case. But, Hoffman said, "we feel like this is a risky product". The cause of death for some of the babies was asphyxia, or the inability to breathe due to the child's position.

The deaths happened when the "infants rolled over while unrestrained" or during "other circumstances", the agency said, without elaborating. "The Rock 'n Play inclined sleeper should be removed from the market immediately".

The parent company of Fisher-Price, Mattel, told the New York Times in a statement that parents should "always use the provided restraints, always place infants on their backs to sleep, and make sure that no pillows, blankets or extra padding are placed in the Rock 'n Play sleeper".

For more information about the recall, visit the CPSC site here.

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