Spring Blizzard Set to Strike Great Plains, Midwest

Potential Winter Storm For SE Wyoming Wednesday

Spring snowstorm to drop heavy wet snow on northern Maine

Cleveland lucked out and is expected to catch the southern edge of the storm Friday, after it's weakened.

Even with a limited moisture supply, some powerful thunderstorms are possible, although they likely will cover small swaths. Forecasters said this week's storm will swell rivers again, but maybe not as much.

In northwest Missouri's Holt County, where the raging Missouri River ravaged roads and highways, Emergency Management Director Tom Bullock is urging residents to be prepared to get out if another surge of water arrives after this week's storm.

With the anticipated wind, the National Weather Service has issued Blizzard Warnings for most of Northeast Colorado.

The highest amount of snow is expected to fall across South Dakota, but the combination of snow and strong winds throughout the region will make traffic "difficult to impossible" as visibility drops to "near zero".

To the north, the storm will affect states like Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

"On the north side of the storm, where there is a lot of cold air, 18 inches of snow has fallen in western South Dakota". In addition, precipitation this time is expected to be in the form of snow rather than rain, slowing the runoff process.

In the warmer air to the south, severe weather could break out Wednesday afternoon and evening in parts of Kansas and Nebraska.

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, one of the poorest areas in the country, is bracing for the winter storm that could bring more flooding, the Associated Press reports.

The storm is expected to wind down late Wednesday, with sunny skies likely to return Thursday, according to the NWS.

"A normal drive in the morning is forecast to transition to blizzard conditions in many areas through the afternoon and the night", Colorado Department of Transportation Executive Director Shoshana Lew said in a press release Tuesday night.

The high temperature in Denver is forecast to be near 80 degrees Tuesday. Here's what to expect across the state through Thursday night.

While handsome spring temperatures have settled into the Plains and Midwest, folks there shouldn't get used to it. Winds could gust as high as 45 miles per hour. It's also going to be warm: a flawless recipe for wildfire conditions.

In a detailed post on Monday, I outlined what was coming our way this week with a huge developing storm system over the front range of the Rockies. If you have travel plans in the area, know that airports in Minneapolis, Chicago and Denver will likely also be affected.

A blizzard warning stretches through much of the Northern and Central Plains on Wednesday.

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