Mar-a-Lago infiltrator had hidden-camera detector, attorney says

Chinese Woman Arrested At Mar-A-Lago Had Numerous Electronic Devices, Major Cash Stash

The Latest: FBI still investigating whether woman is a spy

Zhang is now being held without bond. Zhang possessed a B-1 visitor visa.

In total, law enforcement claims to have found nine such thumb drives, five SIM cards, one "signal-detector" apparently device used to identify hidden cameras and at least $7,500 in $100 bills-as well as almost $700 in Chinese currency-in Zhang's hotel room.

Zhang was apprehended while carrying a laptop computer, four cellular telephones, an external hard drive and the thumb drive in question.

There were also several credit cards in her name and she had more than $8,000 in USA and Chinese currency, with $7,500 of it in $100 bills.

A Secret Service affidavit detailed several devices Zhang was carrying at the time of her arrest, including a thumb drive containing "malicious software". During his testimony, Ivanovich said he had to immediately stop because he was anxious about his computer becoming corrupted by the malware and that the analysis-which is apparently still ongoing-is now inconclusive.

"She lies to everyone she encounters", and has no ties to the USA, prosecutor Rolando Garcia said.

She was then escorted off the property and questioned by another Secret Service Agent.

"Her ties are all in China", the prosecutor said, per CNN.

Zhang was arrested on March 30 and was charged with unlawfully entering a restricted area and making false statements to federal law enforcement. If convicted, Zhang could be deported. The criminal complaint filed by prosecutors and the Secret Service against Zhang last week highlighted how a Mar-a-Lago beach club manager erroneously thought Zhang was related to a member.

Zhang's story changed when she got inside, agents say, telling a front desk receptionist she was there to attend the United Nations Chinese American Association event scheduled for that evening. He said that not only did Zhang falsely tell a Secret Service agent at a Mar-a-Lago checkpoint that she was a member there to use the pool, even though she had no swimsuit, she told agents she was carrying her computer gear because she was afraid the items would be stolen if she left them in her hotel room. The man told her she could attend the "United Nations Friendship Event" and possibly get the chance to talk to a member of Trump's family about economic relations between the US and China.

She was arrested after agents determined she had no legitimate reason to be at the club, a for-profit business owned by Trump.

Audio and video surveillance at Mar-a-Lago didn't catch Zhang's entrance to the club - because those surveillance devices weren't used by the Secret Service at the entry checkpoint. He stated that when another agent put Zhang's thumb-drive into his computer, it immediately began to install files, a "very out-of-the-ordinary" event that he had never seen happen before during this kind of analysis. The flyer featured a picture of the private club and one of Trump's sister, Elizabeth Trump-Grau. He pointed out that Zhang made no attempt to hide her electronic gear while entering Mar-a-Lago and agreed to be interviewed for nearly nine hours.

When she was arrested, Zhang showed agents an invitation she had received to what she described as the United Nations event.

It's unclear what Zhang's objective was. Zhang claimed she'd been told by her contact "Charles" over the WeChat instant messaging service to meet him at Mar-a-Lago and try "to speak with a member of the president's family about Chinese and American foreign economic relations", Ivanovich said.

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