Democrats would 'leave Israel out there', Trump tells Jewish voters

Sheldon Adelson attends the Republican Jewish Coalition annual leadership meeting in Las Vegas

Sheldon Adelson attends the Republican Jewish Coalition annual leadership meeting in Las Vegas

"We got you something that you wanted", Trump told coalition members about relocating the embassy.

His appearance at the Republican Jewish Coalition nearly a month after Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar came under sharp scrutiny for accusing pro-Israel lawmakers of serving "allegiance to a foreign country." .

Speaking in Las Vegas at the National Jewish Coalition's annual meeting, Trump mocked Omar, who is Muslim, and accused her of not backing Israel.

In his speech, Donald Trump stressed that relations between America and Israel had never been as good as they are today. Oh, no she doesn't like Israel, does she. At their March 25 meeting, Trump signed a proclamation officially granting US recognition of the Golan as Israeli territory, a dramatic departure from decades of USA policy. No, she doesn't like Israel, does she? "They read a little page given by lawyers that are all over the place - you know lawyers, they tell them what to say".

Republicans are planning a multimillion-dollar offensive aimed at fracturing the Democratic Party's decades-long stranglehold on the Jewish vote.

But her standing with President Donald Trump was shaky from the outset, and Trump began blaming her when illegal migration rebounded at the southern border. Nielsen was viewed as resistant to some of the harshest immigration measures supported by the president and his aides, particularly senior adviser Stephen Miller, both on matters around the border and others like protected status for some refugees.

But he did once again express confidence in his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is working on the plan.

Hernández said the asking price to hop across the southern USA border has been further "influenced" by the closings of previous entry points that immigration officials have enforced - one of the many key elements that are a part of the Trump administration's ongoing battle against illegal migration.

Trump's proclamation reversed decades of US policy but was seen as a political ploy to help Netanyahu who is hoping to get reelected on April 9.

Mr Trump said Kevin McAleenan, the current US Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, will become acting secretary. "And we make good decisions".

"Oh, I forgot. She doesn't like Israel".

Trump's mockery of Omar came one day after a NY man was arrested and charged with threatening to murder the representative.

Earlier on Saturday, 55-year-old Patrick Carlineo was arrested and charged with threatening to kill the Democratic Representative from Minnesota, after he called one of her staff members and threatened to shoot Ms Omar in the head last month.

The FBI said in a criminal complaint Carlineo called her a "terrorist" and threatened to shoot her. "I'll put a bullet in her (expletive) skull".

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