House Democrats Take First Official Step Toward Obtaining the Mueller Report

Attorney General William Barr departs his home in McLean

Attorney General William Barr departs his home in McLean Va

But Lizza quickly adds that even though Mueller's probe did not establish a full-fledged criminal conspiracy between Trump and the Russian government, Trump's supporters are conflating Mueller's assessment (as described by Barr) with a claim that the president is "in the clear here, there and everywhere"-and that claim "has obscured his legal troubles in NY".

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the confusion could easily be cleared up if the report is made public.

While the Mueller report may not have established a clear pattern of conspiracy, Rossi predicted that it likely contains a "plethora of evidence" that will show Trump or members of his campaign aided and abetted the Russians during the election. "Across the East River, in Brooklyn, the Eastern District of NY is reportedly looking at Trump's inaugural committee". Nadler told reporters he would also seek a judge's permission to get access to Mueller's grand jury material, which is protected under federal law. "They want to redact the Mueller report before they provide it to congress", Nadler said at committee meeting before the vote on Wednesday.

"Because we may have to go to court to obtain the complete text of the special counsel's report - and because the president may attempt to invoke executive privilege to withhold that evidence from us - it is imperative that the committee take possession of these documents, and others, without delay", Mr Nadler said. Nadler has not yet said if he'll send the subpoenas, which would be the first step in a potentially long fight with the Justice Department over the materials.

And as Democrats have demanded the full Mueller report from Barr, Nadler and Schiff, the House Intelligence chairman, have increasingly become targets of Trump's attacks on Twitter and in public.

The Post similarly wrote "members of Mueller's team have complained to close associates that the evidence they gathered on obstruction was alarming and significant", quoting one source saying "It was much more acute than Barr suggested".

But he has since indicated less enthusiasm for releasing a report he once wrongly claimed "totally exonerated" him, though he continues to maintain that it's Barr's decision to release the report. Investigators have concerns that Barr was able to shape the public's initial views of their report with his memo and now, without the report being made public, they are set in that narrative, according to the Times.

A Justice Department official, speaking Thursday on condition of anonymity to discuss a confidential process, said summaries of the findings that Mueller's team included as part of its report also contained grand jury information. He is now expected to release the entire report, with some redactions, by mid-April.

Barr himself subsequently concluded that Mueller's inquiry had not found sufficient evidence to warrant obstruction criminal charges against the president.

"Early on, when the president started teeing off on Mueller, Mueller indicated to me that he was anxious that some people might not cooperate, and I said, 'Well, we've encouraged everyone to cooperate and if you want me to say something publicly about that, and the president, we're happy to do it.' And we did", Dowd said, adding that the conversation happened during the summer of 2017.

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