Alliance of American Football suspending 'all football operations,'

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				Marquise Williams throws a pass for San Antonio against Arizona in an AAF game.			Getty Images

Enlarge Image Marquise Williams throws a pass for San Antonio against Arizona in an AAF game. Getty Images

"If the [NFL] Players Union is not going to give us young players, we can't be a development league", Dundon told USA Today last week. "The players, I'm more disappointed for all the players that believed this is my chance to show people that I can play this game".

NFL reporter Albert Breer says investor (and Carolina Hurricanes owner) Tom Dundon was only interested in funding the league due to their mobile app.

This is the time for these players to get another shot at the National Football League since rosters can go above 90 men until the final week of the preseason in early September. The biggest story surrounding the XFL is whether or not they can get college players to bypass years in college to play for them.

The AAF and the eight-team league with clubs located in Arizona, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Memphis, Atlanta, Orlando and Birmingham only reached Week Eight of the regular season before collapsing after less than one year.

The league's head of football operations, former NFL GM and Hall-of-Famer Bill Polian, issued a statement somewhat critical of Dundon. In the AAF's case, that's more than 400 players and almost 100 coaches - plus front-office staff, medical staff, equipment staff and other support workers.

According to a report from ProFootballTalk, the remainder of the AAF season would cost $20 million.

Fair also noted, any other players who submitted an application will be considered for future tryouts. The fact that the AAF and NFLPA won't agree to anything this season is rumored to be another factor in Dundon's decision to jump ship. The hope from the onset of the AAF was that it would serve as a developmental league for the NFL. Who knows but you can tune in to get your fix this weekend as they have two more games on Saturday and two on Sunday.

"Just the reality of this unfortunate situation. great concept, good football on the field and fun for fans to watch". The next step for the WWE owner is to prove his ideas (and perhaps some others) will prove compelling enough to keep viewers engaged better than other recent failed football leagues. "It's the only choice at this point unless something drastic happens".

Memphis quarterback Johnny Manziel tweeted: "If you're an AAF player and the league does dissolve".

Polian and Ebersol envisioned it as a development league for the NFL with several rules tweaks created to speed up play and make it safer. Those reports said Dundon disagreed with the business vision of Ebersol and Polian and wanted to accelerate plans to turn the AAF into a feeder league for the NFL.

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