Trump Postpones Move to Dismantle Obamacare

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Trump Says Vote On Healthcare Plan Can Wait Until After 2020 Election

President Trump backed off plans to introduce a Republican replacement for the Affordable Care Act after Senator Mitch McConnell privately warned him that the Senate would not revisit health care in a comprehensive way before the November 2020 elections.

"I was never planning a vote prior to the 2020 Election on the wonderful HealthCare package that some very talented people are now developing for me & the Republican Party".

Trump accuses Democrats of seeking "a socialist takeover of American healthcare", and is certain to take that argument onto the 2020 campaign trail.

Just last week, President Donald Trump promised that any minute now, Republicans were going to produce a plan to solve all the problems in the health care system, one that would be, and I quote, "spectacular". Trump declared the GOP "will become 'The Party of Healthcare!'" on Twitter March 26. "Also, Republicans will always support Pre-Existing Conditions".

According to AP VoteCast, a survey of more than 115,000 Midterm voters nationwide, almost 4 in 10 Democratic voters identified healthcare as the most important among a list of key issues. The poll also found that far more voters supported, rather than opposed, a "Medicare for All" health care system.

You might say, well, of course not - Democrats control the House, and they won't approve of any Republican health care plan.

Trump's top campaign aides Bill Stepien and Justin Clark have methodically boosted the president's allies even in deep-blue states like MA, and have tried to broker peace between competing pro-Trump factions in other states.

Rove believes Republicans need to do a better job attacking Democrats on "Medicare for all", adding it was really "single-payer, government-run health care" that will end in "delays, rationing, long waits getting in to see your doctor for a procedure".

Trump has said Republicans will produce a superior replacement plan, contending in a tweet on Tuesday that it will be "far less expensive & much more usable than ObamaCare".

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer held an event outside the Supreme Court urging the Justice Department to reverse its position in the case. The House plans to vote tomorrow. Any plan that adheres to conservative principles on health care will be abhorrent to Democrats and hugely unpopular with the public. Later, he said it would be unsafe for Democrats to win the 2020 election, calling them "stone-cold insane". "What a ruse. What a shame".

The GOP's bitter internal fight over health care in 2017 remains a sore subject for the president.

President Donald Trump has taken control of the Republican Party in every state he needs to win next year, after enduring 2016 power struggles in important battlegrounds like OH and New Hampshire.

"Now as Obamacare's ever-increasing failures continue to find their way into our courts, Democrats are asking us to condemn the Justice Department's handling of this process", said Rep. Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, calling the Allred resolution a "stunt". "My guess is it's just probably a realistic assessment of what the field looks like for the next couple of years".

Trump addressed the National Republican Congressional Committee at the National Building Museum, a short drive from the White House in Washington, D.C. According to The Hill, Trump was confident in his remarks the GOP will regain its majority in the House chamber next year.

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