Trump threatens to shut Mexico border

A U.S. Border Patrol agent pats down Honduran migrants after they crossed onto U.S territory from Tijuana Mexico Nov. 30 2018. Thousands of migrants who traveled via a caravan want to seek asylum in the U.S

Trump threatens to shut Mexico border

First, let me tell you how much money those countries would miss if the proposed end to this program happened: NBC News said the aid affects almost $500 million in 2018 funds and millions more left over from the previous fiscal year. He has accused those three countries of allowing their citizens to join migrant caravans destined for the USA border.

Trump has finally cut aid to several Central American nations for their failures to stop waves of migrant caravans seeking illegal entry or asylum into the United States.

The president announced last Friday that he would cut economic aid to the countries of the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador) in retaliation for the waves of migration that have saturated the federal agencies at the border.

But experts have said cutting off aid is likely to increase the number of migrants leaving the countries and heading for the United States.

"The president has made clear that the decision is aimed at securing the United States borders and protecting American citizens", Palladino said.

Trump repeated his threat on Friday to close the border between the U.S. and Mexico, and said he would act this week if Mexico didn't step up. The spokesperson said "we will be engaging Congress as part of this process", which could mean it needs Congressional approval to end funding, according to NBC News.

"It's not working well enough to help us solve our border crisis".

Salvadoran Treasury Minister Nelson Fuentes said USA aid in his country includes $20 million in technical and fiscal funding over five years, and the government has not gotten word of any cuts.

According to Liz Schrayer, president and CEO of the U.S.

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says that investment is "beginning to show positive signs". One such US -funded program in El Salvador gives children job training, and according to Schrayer, homicides rates have come down 78% in these areas.

The move comes as President Trump renews his threat to close the US-Mexico border in the wake of the recent influx of migrants; saying American "detention centers are maxed out" and "we will take no more illegals".

Mario Garcia, a 45-year-old bricklayer in El Salvador, said he was setting off for the United States regardless of the president's threat to close the frontier.

"I think it's unfair because they are doing so much", said Galvez. "They set up these caravans".

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, called Trump's order a "reckless announcement" and urged Democrats and Republicans alike to reject it. Fox and Friends Weekend displayed across its chyron, "TRUMP CUTS AID TO 3 MEXICAN COUNTRIES". Why are these historic numbers - again, 100,000 people will cross the border this month alone. This would effect nearly $500 million in 2018 funds and millions more left over from the previous fiscal year. "It's sending out a message to other countries that, 'Don't come because our borders may not work at any time.' That is extremely scary and unsafe".

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