Ariana Grande Responds to Fans Who Think She's Bisexual

Ariana Grande performs onstage during the 2018 iHeartRadio Wango Tango by AT&T at Banc of California Stadium

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Many of her fans believe Ariana Grande just came out as bisexual in her new duet "Monopoly" with Victoria Monét.

The song, which compares girls to the board game Monopoly, in which players buy and trade properties to determine who is the richest, includes a line in the post-chorus where both Grande and Monét sing: "I like women and men (yeah)". She responded, "She said what she said". However, a source close to Grande told PEOPLE, "She is of course a well-known LGBT ally and this is her supporting her friends".

But, that's not all.

And a third person, who identifies as bisexual in their profile, wrote: "Can Ariana Grande stop queerbaiting and treating bisexuality like it's some cute f*ckin joke for straight women to play with???"

After hearing it, fans are certain Ariana Grande just revealed that she is bisexual.

The track's lyrics prompted fans to wonder if the singer was addressing her sexuality, with one lyric focused on liking both men and women. The singer has been releasing song after song, album after album and April Fool's Day was not an exception nor was the single she dropped a prank!

Though fans absolutely love the new song, they couldn't help but do a double take after listening to one lyric in particular. In other words, Ari doesn't label her sexuality.

Ariana has also long allied herself with the LGBTQ community, telling Troye Sivan in an interview for Paper magazine previously: "There's nothing, I swear to God, honest to God, knock me out, I swear on my life, more rewarding than seeing sweet little gays in the audience moving along to my choreography".

In her response to the Manchester Pride criticism, Grande said: "Also i wanna visit a city that means so much to me".

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