Borderlands 3 Teaser Trailer Launches Ahead of PAX East Livestream

Borderlands 3 Pax East 2019 teaser

Borderlands 'Mask of Mayhem' teaser trailer, announcement set for March 28

Easter eggs: The new trailer contains several hidden messages about the "Borderlands" series.

In a new trailer for "Mask of Mayhem" that was posted to YouTube, Gearbox teases a new Borderlands game, without specifically announcing Borderlands 3.

Likewise, the game is said to start on Pandora, before moving to other locations.

The release of Borderlands 3 or whatever its final name might be has been a long time coming for Borderlands fans with the Gearbox box Randy Pitchford being met with many questions about the game along the way.

I know I'm in the minority, but I hope this game brings back some of the original Borderlands atmosphere, which I missed in 2 and The Pre-Sequel.

It's a bold and compelling teaser, with a lot of layers and even a secret code hidden throughout the video, as reported by GamesRadar.

The code also comes with a message thanking fans and hinting that there will be more skins to unlock soon. There's also a Braille message that translates as "Follow and Obey". The code is C35TB-WS6ST-TXBRK-JJH6H and can be used within Borderlands 2.

The Borderlands teaser trailer itself showcases a return to some familiar faces as well as some new ones.

The Gearbox live stream will kick off 5 am AEDT tomorrow, the 29th March and will be viewable at or through PAX's own streaming channels on Twitch. An official unveiling is likely to come tomorrow at Pax East, though, during a livestream.

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