Trump administration says entire Affordable Care Act should be repealed

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Trump Administration Asks Court To Totally Repeal Obamacare

In a filing with a federal appeals court, the Justice Department said it agreed with the ruling of a federal judge in Texas that invalidated Obamacare. "The Republican Party will soon be known as the party of health care", Trump told reporters on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

That was a surprising shift in policy for the Trump administration, which had argued in a brief in June that the tax penalty for not buying insurance - repealed by Congress in a federal tax overhaul - was legally distinct from other provisions of the law, which could still stand. A president whose approval ratings have been dismal from the start was said to be on the road to reelection. Just 43% feel Congress ought to end the investigation completely following the release of Barr's summary of Mueller's findings.

Preferring the "let's all move on" option, two CNN reporters penned an unintentionally amusing article suggesting that the finding of no collusion was an opportunity to quickly "move past a dark period", but anxious that the president "isn't prepared to let go". At the same, given what I suspect to be the high degree of partisanship within Mueller's team, perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky that Mueller at least exonerated Trump of collusion - the main issue he was tasked with considering and the main issue in the public's mind.

"There are people out there who have done very bad things, I would say treasonous things against our country", he said.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday branded the mainstream media the "enemy" and the "opposition party" after the Mueller report cleared him of collusion, accusing journalists of covering the Russian Federation probe unfairly.

Pelosi's advice to Democrats to stick with the strategy that won them control of the House in 2018 was reinforced by Obama himself, who counselled freshman Democrats at a reception on Monday night. During Attorney General William Barr's confirmation hearing in January, Harris asked him whether he was open to reconsidering the department's position.

An analysis by Bloomberg late past year claimed that more than 20 million Americans have gained health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, either through the private health insurance exchanges set up by the law or through the expansion of Medicaid.

There are the ones who are eager to move on and forget Russiagate ever happened (no need to reflect on the role journalists played in hyping the conspiracy) - and there are those who are doubling down. In 1988, the US Supreme Court declared the independent counsel law constitutional.

On Wednesday the president repeated his prediction that the GOP would be "the party of great health care".

Comey's reference to "politicals" apparently alludes to Barr's relationship with Trump. In addition to the report, Mueller had confirmed Russian interference with his multiple previous indictments of Russians.

Still, Republicans insisted on Wednesday that making another run at repealing Obamacare was a matter worth discussing even though it would prove more hard this year than it did when they controlled both houses of Congress.

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