NBC's Savannah Guthrie Grills Sarah Sanders: Does Trump Owe Mueller An Apology?

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III walks past the White House after attending St. John's Episcopal Church on Sunday

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III walks past the White House after attending St. John's Episcopal Church on Sunday

Over the last two years, this effort tried to discredit and undermine the Trump presidency.

"It should have stopped with the indictment of the Russians when there was no American they conspired with", he added, referring to a dozen Russian intelligence officers accused of hacking the Democratic National Committee's and Hillary Clinton's emails.

Mueller did not find evidence of collusion, and he did not make a conclusion with regards to obstruction of justice claims against Trump.

On close reading, Barr's putative summary of the Mueller report clears Trump of only the most narrowly drawn accusations, which nobody was making.

"This was an illegal takedown that failed", Trump said Sunday evening.

"The Special Counsel chose to provide evidence on both sides of the obstruction question, and allow the AG to interpret hard legal issues to resolve the matter", King said. Mueller did not draw a conclusion one way or the other as to whether Trump's behavior counted as obstruction, and will leave it to Barr to make a decision to prosecute.

Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was sentenced to 7½ years in prison. An obvious reason Mueller, "being barred from indicting the president", would lay out an extensive case for and against criminal obstruction but not give his prosecutorial opinion is that he's "teed up the question of presidential obstruction for evaluation by a different actor - to wit, by Congress".

Graham spoke Monday after Attorney General William Barr reported to Congress on Mueller's findings. "He's just not worth it", she told The Washington Post earlier this month.

Rosenstein oversaw the day-to-day operations of the special counsel's work after then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from Russia-related matters. There are likely to be some redactions in what gets out from the report, but it does suggest we're going to see a lot of it. Nadler and other House committee chairmen said Barr should testify to Congress "without delay". The Mueller report is a punch in the gut for Schiff, who will now face criticism from the right that his committee is picking at the carcass of the Mueller report in the hopes of keeping the collusion narrative alive. "It is imperative that the report be released in as complete a form as possible so that the public can fully understand the rationale for the exoneration on the allegations involving coordination or conspiracy with the Russians as well as the inability of Mr. Mueller to reach a conclusion on obstruction of justice".

The lack of info shared by AG William Barr has left voters, including celebs, with more questions than answers. If the report says that the investigation concludes that no one from the campaign was involved in the election rigging stuff, then it really says that.

After a almost two-year investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, the results are in: No collusion. It was a disgrace that he and the country had to suffer through the investigation, an investigation that Trump believes had only one goal from the beginning: to finish him. Those candidates hit a strikingly similar note on Sunday, calling for the full report to be made public and casting doubt on Barr's summary of it.

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