Targeting the Electoral College

Elise Amendola | AP

Elise Amendola | AP

The Electoral College, a group that comes together every four years to technically elect the president, is enshrined in the Constitution and won't be easy to eliminate. "That's more than any other part of the constitution". Elizabeth Warren endorsed abolishing the Electoral College in her CNN town hall. "Happening again in 1876 and 1888, which made incumbent Grover Cleveland so mad that he ran again 4 years later and reclaimed the office his supporters felt could be stolen from him", Avlon said.

But defenders say the current system nearly always lines up with the popular vote and is part of the way the country's founders wanted to check popular passions and encourages attention to small states that may otherwise get passed over. That effort eventually got the support of 80% of Congress.

Several Democrat-controlled states have moved toward adopting the national popular vote.

"We are on the verge of a crisis of confidence in the Supreme Court", Harris said on March 18.

In almost all states, it's a winner-take-all proposition, even if the victor does not secure a majority, such as when third-party candidates are on the ballot.

He said he supports the Green New Deal proposal and wants the lead on environmental issues.

Like the Supreme Court, the Electoral College sometimes frustrates the will of political majorities.

"Obviously, I'd like to see a court that is in line with my values". Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) has gone even further, saying that Justice Neil Gorsuch, a Trump appointee, is illegitimate because Gorsuch's seat should have gone to outgoing President Barack Obama's 2016 nominee, Merrick Garland. It will never happen. "When I talk about universal guaranteed high quality healthcare for everyone this country, it's primary health care, it's mental health care, and it's women's health care and I'll tell you why". "So if they can't catch up through the ballot box by winning an election, they want to try doing it in a different way".

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