Previous Biden +8 Over Bernie In New Poll On 2020 Dem Field

Biden building 2020 White House campaign ahead of expected bid: sources

Foreign Leaders Urge Joe Biden to Enter 2020 US Presidential Race - Reports

But if Biden runs, his newfound wealth could give his Democratic and GOP opponents an opening to attack him as disingenuous, or at least less than advertised.

Meanwhile, 34 percent said they want the nominee to be under the age of 50.

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey had a modestly favorable rating among NY voters in a recent poll. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who raised $6.1 million and $5.9 million each. That number jumped to 32 percent when only Democrats were asked, but the Texas politician still lagged compared to his approval ratings on the nation-wide stage. Abrams has met with over half a dozen presidential contenders, said the spokesperson, to discuss "their commitment to voting rights and to investing in Georgia". "But New Yorkers aren't cutting any slack to their own elected officials looking to replace him".

"This is a President who has made no efforts to build his base".

The poll surveyed 1,216 NY state voters from March 13 to 18 with a margin of error of +/- 3.8 percentage points. California Sen. Kamala Harris and O'Rourke are the only other candidates polling in double figures. "Rounding out the top five is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren at 8%", adds the report.

GettyBeto O'Rourke at the close of the.

According to Tuesday's report, the former Vice President has already informed supporters of his intentions, with a formal announcement to come next month. Biden has the support of 55 percent of American voters in that hypothetical match-up, compared to 45 percent for Trump. There's also a sense among some Democrats that Biden's appeal with working-class white voters in the Rust Belt would make up for weaknesses that cost Hillary Clinton the White House in 2016. The figure marks a four-point increase from last week, according to the outlet.

While getting off to an early lead in support is important, the CNN poll shows not everyone's support is locked in.

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