Death toll in New Zealand mosque shootings rises to 50

A relative of one of the victims

A relative of one of the victims

The judge said "it was reasonable to assume" more such charges would follow. "Our hearts go out to all those who have been harmed by this cowardly act of hate". Lots of love for our Muslim brothers, ' read a handwritten card on a wall of flowers in a historic part of the city that stretched a full block.

Security at London mosques was hiked up yesterday after the New Zealand attacker said he was inspired by events in the United Kingdom and wanted Muslim London mayor Sadiq Kahn dead.

Prosecutors in Christchurch, New Zealand, charged Australian national Brenton Harrison Tarrant, identified as Friday's mosque shooter, with murder on Saturday. In New Zealand, commentators also anxious that the horror would sow deep divisions in a society that has largely avoided the polarizations that have spread elsewhere. The films vaulted the country into the global spotlight and drew tourists eager to see the movie locations.

Generally semi-automatic weapons can only be bought with an E-class licenses which are much more hard to obtain.

"In response to the attacks in New Zealand, we have a heightened police presence in the community focusing on places of worship - especially mosques", police said in a statement.

Ardern, however, stopped short of suggesting New Zealand could implement a similar policy in the wake of the attacks in Christchurch.

The New Zealand premier was showered with huge praises internationally for the gesture, which made it clear that New Zealand stood by the Muslim community that was the centre of Friday's horrifying terror attacks rooted in racial as well as religious hatred.

Later, Ms Ardern also visited the local hospitals to inquire after the people who were injured in Friday's terror attack.

The fourth person, arrested by law enforcement, was a member of the public member in possession of a firearm, who wanted to assist the police, according to Ardern.

The suspect allegedly used a helmet-mounted camera to livestream the massacre at the Masjid Al Noor mosque in central Christchurch and allegedly posted a white nationalist manifesto online. Police are investigating whether Tarrant had any terrorist links in his hometown of Grafton or its surrounding areas. Tarrant has spent little time in Australia in the past four years and only had minor traffic infractions on his record.

The court charged a second shooter, 18, with "intent to excite hostility or ill-will".

All mosques across New Zealand have been urged to close their doors for the time being, and in Scotland, police have stepped up patrols around mosques - however, officers insist there is no intelligence to suggest a specific threat in this country.

At least one of the weapons used by Tarrant was reportedly an AR-15 - the same semi-automatic rifle used in a number of mass shootings in the United States, including the 2012 Sandy Hook school killings in CT. But it has one of the lowest gun homicide rates in the world. In 2015, it had just eight.

On Saturday, the prime minister said the "primary perpetrator" in the shootings was a licensed gun owner and legally acquired the five guns used.

Ardern said security agencies had been looking at the rise in New Zealand of "extreme right-wing violent rhetoric", but Tarrant, an Australian citizen, was not on any watchlist in New Zealand or Australia. Residents were mandated to turn in their semi-automatic rifles and other now-outlawed weapons.

New Zealand will ban semi-automatic weapons after the worst mass killing in the nation's history left 49 people dead and another 48 injured.

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