Endgame' trailer adds on to the 'Captain Marvel' mid-credits scene

Avengers Endgame trailer: Tony Stark is back on Earth

'Avengers: Endgame' New Trailer Surprises Everyone as Captain Marvel Joins the Squad

While still relatively new to the world of Marvel, she first appeared in 2005 and has since been a fan favorite.

Swathed in a a melancholy vibe with reflections from previous Avengers films throughout, the film hints at what next for the remaining Avengers after Thanos decimated the global population in Avengers: Infinity War.

Here's what we learned from the new trailer - and just a warning that this obviously contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War. Thor does not even get a flinch out of her, proving he has finally met his match. Why aren't Captain Marvel and Thor shown with them?

A teaser trailer and a first trailer have already been released.

Avengers: Endgame hits Aussie cinemas on April 24. Those two are the powerhouses of the Avengers, and while in the comics Captain Marvel has actually stated that she can't beat the Hulk, in the movies it nearly seems as though Feige has stated that she's going to be the most powerful Avenger ever. But here we get Mark Ruffalo looking serious as a Science Bro. Paul Rudd's Scott Lang looks a bit smug, and we have Danai Gurira returning as Okoye, the only main Black Panther lead coming back.

And speaking of Thanos, we have him off at the top left as the ominous presence, and from the looks of it, he'll actually be sporting a helmet this tie around.

Captain Marvel scene: As you can see, the trailer ends with Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) appearing with the group. While Pakistanis are still not over the disappointment of not seeing Captain Marvel in theatres, the new trailer for Avengers: Endgame released by Marvel yesterday has provided significant distraction.

It's such a nightmare when you find yourself floating around in space, trapped in a robotic suit of armour.

And is that next-generation Hawkeye Kate Bishop we see being trained up? Before that though, there's loads of new footage to sift through, including one shot that confirms Robert Downey's Jr.'s Tony Stark makes it back to earth.

You might not see at first glance, but fans did not take long to notice her name was missing.

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