Facebook's massive outage was the result of a server configuration change

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Pointing out that the Facebook outage also extended to its other properties, including Instagram and WhatsApp, Sarah Miller, the deputy director at the Open Markets Institute, which is for the break-up of Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies, said, "The more integrated a platform becomes, the greater the risk and reach of epic failures like this one".

The outage-tracking website Down Detector showed significantly fewer people having issues accessing Facebook and Instagram on Thursday as compared to Wednesday, when the outage began.

Police in Bothell, Washington had to make a similar plea on their Twitter account.

Facebook restored its services on Thursday after they went dark for many of its 2 billion users over a two-day period.

"We made a server configuration change that triggered a cascading series of issues", Facebook says in a story with USA Today.

On Wednesday, Facebook dispelled speculation that the outage was caused by a denial-of-service attack (DDoS), a type of cyberattack that disrupts an online service by flooding it with requests. "We are 100 percent back up and running and apologise for any inconvenience", a Facebook spokesperson said.

Facebook's shares fell almost two per cent in morning trading on Thursday.

"This morning, Pavel Durov, the founder and CEO of the popular instant messaging service Telegram, used his official channel to welcome 3 million new users, he wrote: "I see 3 million new users signed up for Telegram within the last 24 hours", adding" Good. The company has a large campus of data centers in Prineville.

While Facebook said it has "resolved its issues", the update was sparse on details.

According to the report, a grand jury in NY has subpoenaed information from at least two major smartphone makers about such arrangements with Facebook.

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