James Corden pranks David Beckham with ugly statue

The fake David Beckham statue featured three teeth a huge chin and a voluptuous bum

David Beckham Falls Hook, Line And Sinker For James Corden’s Statue Swap Prank

Manchester United legend David Beckham was subjected to a merciless prank from friend and talk show host James Corden prior to the recent unveiling of the statue of him in full LA Galaxy kit at StubHub Center, paying homage to the ex-England captain as the club's greatest player.

"It's slightly different than it was when I saw it in Chicago", Beckham said as the ugly effigy was revealed. "I mean, look at my chin".

James Corden may have just pulled off the ultimate prank on his buddy, soccer star David Beckham.

In a clip released on Monday's The Late Late Show, Beckham was shocked at the sculpture, calling it "embarrassing" before asking the film crew to turn off the cameras.

Unaware that he was being pranked, Beckham did remarkably well to keep his cool as the artist took him through the finer details of the purposefully terrible mock statue, although he did let his feelings slip on more than one occasion. Look at my eyes. The only thing that's good is the hair. There is no way that can go in front of the stadium.

Finding it hysterical, Corden then rushed in to reveal the joke, cue lots of bleeped expletives from Beckham, embarrassed that he'd fallen for it, but mightily relieved this wasn't the real deal.

Soon after, a forklift driver "accidentally" knocks over the statue, smashing it to pieces.

The Los Angeles Galaxy will be honoring David Beckham with a statue placed outside of the stadium, as the artwork is months in the making.

It's not until Corden comes running out to inquire into the crash that Beckham finally realizes he's been had, breaking into a defeated smile and hugging the bestie who bested him.

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