No Phased Approach to North Korea Denuclearization

JCS S. Korea Closely Monitoring N. Korea's Missile Related Moves

Democracy, DPRK style: North Korea holds election

"I think Kim Jong-un has a very clear idea of where the president stands, what the objectives he's trying to achieve are". So that's one reason why we pay particular attention to what North Korea is doing all the time. "It's a sobering reminder that without an agreement that verifies the dismantlement of North Korea's program, we can easily go back to a period of 'fire and fury" rhetoric".

The speculations about the North's possible preparation to launch a missile or a satellite-carrying rocket have also been reported by the United States media wherein they stated that there has been an increase in the activity at the missile assembly facility in Sanum-dong.

Kim said the military is analyzing related matters and is open to various possibilities, including the North potentially preparing to launch a missile, but refused to elaborate further.

President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shake hands at their summit in Hanoi last month.

Trump and Kim's Vietnam meeting ended abruptly without a deal on North Korean denuclearisation in return for sanctions relief. I don't really think it broke down.

JCS spokesman Kim Joon-rak spoke at a regular media briefing on Monday in response to questions about recent US media reports that the North could have restored its Dongchang-ri missile launch site.

Trump told reporters Friday he would be disappointed if Pyongyang were to resume weapons testing and reiterated his belief in his good relationship with the DPRK leader, despite the recent collapse of their second summit in Hanoi.

But speculating why the Hanoi summit may have fallen apart, Panda said Washington's expanded definition of denuclearization "may have played a role", but said that "we should also take note of Ri Yong Ho's comment that USA demands for an expansion of sites beyond Yongbyon played a role".

Since 2017, North Korea has frozen nuclear and missile testing.

With North Korea still under economic sanctions, "the leverage is on our side right now, and not on North Korea's".

"What would the consequences be if we saw another test launch?" The State Department's special representative for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, also expressed caution and lamented analysts' apparent willingness to assign too much meaning to the imagery. "And to get that, he is prepared to give up some part of his nuclear program, perhaps at a declaratory level, even a substantial part", Bolton said.

"It is trying to change the view within the USA administration and outside that what North Korea's offered was not good enough", Go said.

North Korea is restoring facilities at the long-range rocket launch, which it dismantled previous year as part of disarmament steps, according to foreign experts and a South Korean lawmaker who was briefed by Seoul's spy service.

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