Continued Conversation: Fewer Okay Googles needed for Google Home Hub

Google Duplex assistant is coming to more states and restaurants

Google Duplex is Rolling Out to iOS Devices in The ‘Next Few Weeks’

The feature is available in English only across all Google Smart Displays including Google Home Hub, Lenovo Smart Display, JBL Link View, and LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9.

Take a quick trip into the Home app settings, and you'll probably see smart displays available under the Continued Conversation menu.

When the Google Assistant is listening for follow-up commands, you'll see a small Assistant icon peeking out of the corner of the screen (on smart speakers, the top LEDs light up to indicate that the device is still listening). As for Google Assistant, Continued Conversations are available on all smart displays in the U.S., including the Google Home Hub and Lenovo's Smart Display (picture above). Now, it also works on Smart Displays, like the Google Home Hub, and non-Google speakers, like the Insignia Smart Speaker.

Best Buy has an awesome deal today only on Google Home products, offering the newly-released Google Home Hub bundled with a free Google Home Mini for a total of $149. With this new mode that's now available, all you have to do is say 'Hey Google, be my French interpreter, ' and you can have a natural, easy-flowing conversation in dozens of languages. If you're not conformable with Google continuing to listen after you're done, you can disable the feature.

Continued Conversation
The JBL Link View

Google's reservation-making artificial intelligence system is coming to the iPhone and other devices, the firm announced on Wednesday. You can then ask a follow up question without the Google wake words, such as "What did Rami Malek win", and you'll get your answer, with Google using the context from the previous question to know what you're talking about.

Upon its announcement, the feature raised concerns to many who argued that the Google Assistant was far too convincble to being a real person, really freaking some people out. You can also remove photos from the device easily with your voice.

What it basically does is that it calls a restaurant and then proceeds with a conversation and gets a table (or tables) booked for you.

Google is continuing to roll out new features for the Google Assistant on all of its platforms.

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