New PlayStation Update Lets PS4 Players Stream on iOS

PS4 Update 6.50 Patch Notes Reveal New Remote Play Addition

PS4 Firmware Update 6.50 Allows You To Play Your Games On Phones/Tablets And It’s Out Now

Some complained that the Vita didn't have quite as many buttons needed to fully replicate a DualShock 4, and an iOS device is even more limited.

If you have all the things you need, you can download Remote Play now, and for free, from the App Store.

As noted by reddit users, iOS Remote Play support is the only main feature to be added in update 6.50.

If you turned on your PS4 just now, you'll be greeted with PS4 update 6.50! Your game will be streamed to your mobile device, and use on-screen overlay buttons to control the action.

Though you will be able to remotely control your PS4, it's noted that this app may not be compatible with all games.

Update Your iOS Device - Using PS4 Remote Play requires downloading the remote play app from the App Store. You can't pair a DualShock via Blueooth but some iPhone traditional MFi controllers are apparently compatible though.

Players can use the app to display their PlayStation 4's screen on their iOS device, use their device as a controller, join voice chats, and enter text using the device's keyboard.

The Remote Play app has been available for years on Android and Sony is finally making it available to iPhone and iPad users. The full changelog for this brand new system software update can be viewed below.

You can now change the button assignment to perform "Enter" operations from the Circle button to the X button.

Remote Play was already available on Android devices but for some dumb reason, it is still restricted to Sony Smartphones. This option is only available in specific countries and regions.

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