Kyrie Irving Says He Doesn't Play for Celebrity 100

Jaylen Brown hopes to change Celtics'toxic environment

Jaylen Brown hopes to change Celtics'toxic environment

Irving says fame and celebrity are no longer driving factors at this point in his career; he just wants to play at the highest level. I wanted those things when I was younger, but now ...

Frustrating. Depressing. They all apply for a team that was supposed to roll to a 55-60-win season and an Eastern Conference title, but wouldn't even host a playoff series if the postseason started today. He was a highly touted prospect at Duke and was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the top pick in the 2011 draft, despite playing in just 11 games for the Blue Devils. It's a constant battle, because media has gotten just outrageous, you know what I mean? Players are failing to get back on defense and the team is failing to work as a unit.

Celtics forward Jaylen Brown is concerned with Boston's recent slide, saying the team's atmosphere is "toxic", according to The Boston Globe's Gary Washburn. I think somebody told me that Adam Silver was talking the other day about how unhappy National Basketball Association players are, especially nowadays just because of the scrutiny and exploitation that we go through of just everything being judged or someone being of a very high stature and people are just still throwing stones at them just trying to break them and break them.

Despite the fact that Irving is on one of the most talented teams in the Eastern Conference as well as the National Basketball Association, the Celtics been struggling a lot lately and people are starting to wonder if they need Kyrie. Mix in Anthony Davis trade rumors, with the likes for Brown and Tatum at the forefront of those rumors, and there is a lot of tension in the Boston locker room. All that chatter about the future has created quite the mess in the present.

Well there is a reason the regular season is played.

"Coming out the All-Star Break, it wasn't the best type of energy", he said. We're all responsible for that.

And it all comes down to one thing: the team's chemistry. We haven't yet. So we'll see. I'm very optimistic and very positive and think that we will.

After taking on the Warriors on Tuesday, the Celtics will visit the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday before taking on the Lakers and Clippers in Los Angeles on Saturday and Monday, respectively.

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