North Dakota State Was Also Served Fast Food at the White House

Trump is greeting football players at the White House with fast food — again

Bison set to meet President Trump today

Many jokes were made in January when Clemson visited the White House to celebrate its national championship victory over Alabama, only to show up to a dinner of various (and likely room temperature) fast food items provided by President Donald Trump.

"We like American companies, OK?" he said.

The last time President Trump served fast food to a group of college athletes, we were in the midst of a government shutdown.

A spread of french fries, Chick-fil-A sandwiches and Big Macs awaited the North Dakota State University Bison football team.

The boxes consisted of Big Macs from McDonald's and Chick-Fil-A food, according to pool reporter Laura Figueroa.

President Donald Trump is at it again, rolling out the best in fast food for the best players on the football field. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence lauded the move and said that he loved the spread Trump put on to welcome the team to the White House.

Trump excited accepted a Bison jersey with his name and the number 45.

"Because of the shutdown, you know we have the great Clemson team with us, the national champions". "Lots of hamburgers, lots of pizza".

"Because the Democrats refuse to negotiate on border security, much of the residence staff at the White House is furloughed - so the President is personally paying for the event to be catered with some of everyone's favorite fast foods", White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley said in January.

Although Trump's selection of food options were ridiculed online, the president seemed happy with how things turned out.

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