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Screengrab via Epic Games

To that end, it looks like the first new character to join the cast post-launch could be Octane, the "High Speed Daredevil" who has seemingly leaked early and set the Apex Legends subreddit on fire.

But while Apex Legends has landed as a pretty complete package, there are still a few important elements missing. What has been treated, then, an indiscretion launched by the same authors of Respawn to "probe the ground" while waiting to announce Apex Legends?

The Reddit user goes on to state that since the game's developers have banned 16,000 cheaters in the first week "there is probably enough people in the player-base" for their idea to become a reality.

However, the game as well as its full map was leaked on Reddit almost a full year before the game was revealed. It does so many things to improve on the battle royale genre, two of which are the pinging system and the ability to respawn your "thirsted" teammates. So these cars are called "Vans of the Second Chance". That said, skeptics like Reddit user ynonA have gone equally viral by postulating that Octane's leak is just a ploy for Reddit karma. And while the map was tweaked a little bit from the leaked version, it was still the map Respawn ended up using for "Apex Legends".

The addition of a respawn system in Fortnite makes a ton of sense. That's just the truth, whether it looks like copying or not.

One of these is the Apex Legends Battle Pass which has yet to arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Even so, it can also be argued at this point that Fortnite has grown its identity and personal brand so much that it really shouldn't have to copy from other games so much, popular or not.

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