Who Dies in the 'Dark Phoenix' Trailer?

Sophie Turner Dark Phoenix

New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer Reveals 20th Century Fox’s Latest ‘X-Men’ Movie

The new trailer for Dark Phoenix - quite possibly the last film in the X-Men continuity Fox has been building for almost two decades - arrived Wednesday night, and it brought with it one major reveal.

It's a shocking reveal, equally shocking for Xavier (James McAvoy), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Cyclops (Ty Sheridan) and Storm (Alexandra Shipp), who have to watch on powerless.

"Well, I think the power's for good, but other people might think it's for evil", she teased.

Her powers are inferred to have killed one of the series' beloved central characters - although the trailer does not disclose who it will be. In addition to the original cast, "Dark Phoenix" will also feature Jessica Chastain in a villainous role.

"I get to beat up a lot of X-Men in the movie, and maybe kill some?"

In Dark Phoenix, Jean, played by Sophie Turner, barely survives a mysterious cosmic force, which later on makes her powers stronger but harder to control. And the larger story really is Jean cracking up, losing control because she's more powerful than anyone else in the world.

The film is written and directed by Simon Kinberg (Logan). Probably (I mean yeah, a main character definitely fucking dies in the trailer, so...). This trailer is bad, it makes the movie look awful, and no, I don't think there is a chance the movie turns out any differently.

They're re-doing the Dark Phoenix story which has already been butchered once, in X-Men: The Last Stand. Her death impacts literally everybody.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the swan song to Fox's universe of mutants, which arrived in 2000 with X-Men and Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Wolverine.

Dark Phoenix is slated to release in June in India.

"Look, you're special, Jean", Smith says as she looks at the Force in action around her.

So even if Disney wasn't buying Fox, this was likely going to be the end for this younger iteration of the X-Men anyway.

Dark Phoenix is the follow up to 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse and this new trailer sets Jean Grey aka Sophie Turner up against everyone. She adds that "what they don't understand, they fear", referring to Jean's X-Men family.

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