Sprint to deploy 5G in four cities in May

Sprint 5G Cities

Google Fi to offer 5G thanks to Sprint, provided you have a compatible handset

According to Neville Ray, T-Mobile's CTO, the company would also launch its 5G network based on a higher frequency by June this year. The company will start providing service first in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Kansas City.

Meanwhile, Sprint sued AT&T this year for promoting "5G Evolution, " which Sprint said risked misleading consumers into thinking 5G was truly available when AT&T's network is, in fact, offering an upgraded version of existing 4G mobile data technology. The company did not mention what its 5G service plans would be or what kind of speeds to expect.

On a call this morning, Sprint's chief technology officer John Saw was asked about speeds, to which he said, "We don't really want to focus too much on speeds, but the experience".

5G promises new levels of innovation and progress to connect people, places and the billions of things Sprint customers do with blazing-fast speed and ultra-reliable wireless connectivity.

Sprint also announced that it will be providing 5G to Google's wireless network known as Google Fi. Google is extending its partnership with the carrier to include 5G, with the MVNO leveraging Sprint's infrastructure to roll out 5G. Massive MIMO is a breakthrough technology that dramatically improves the capacity of Sprint's LTE Advanced network with equipment that is software upgradable to 5G.

Other U.S. carriers are rolling out 5G with "millimeter waves" that significantly boost data speeds but doesn't travel as far as LTE waves. As it doesn't own licenses on the wireless airwaves to support it. The first one will be the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. Originally, T-Mobile predicted its completed 5G service would be available in 30 cities by mid-2019, but plans have changed due to a delay in product development.

Right now, Sprint is testing its 5G network in downtown Chicago.

Sprint CEO Michel Combes touched a bit on their merger details with T-Mobile, saying that the merger would allow Sprint's 5G network to be deployed a lot faster and offer broader coverage for subscribers. While 5G devices that support 600MHz won't launch until later in 2019, T-Mobile still plans to launch 5G using other spectrum in the first half of the year. He also said that the merger would "supercharge our 5G strategy".

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