Google Assistant is coming to Android Messages soon

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More Phones Are Adding Google Assistant Buttons This Year

Google's latest move sees it bringing Assistant integration to the Messages app so you can get one-tap access to AI-powered help and information. Over the next couple of months, the Google Assistant will be coming to the app, offering "suggestion chips relevant to your conversation". In fact, Google is introducing a new Voice Typing feature on KaiOS, a system that powers feature phones.

The company said its "on-device AI" is similar technology to what it uses for "Smart Reply" on Messages - the feature that's also available on Gmail and offers suggestions for finishing sentences and sending quick messages. To begin with, the AI will automatically provide you with information only about movies, restaurants, and weather.

Google has also worked with Qualcomm and Mediatek among others to support Android's Neural Network tools for faster, smarter and smoother mobile apps. Instead, the Google Assistant app will stick to providing more details about the entity you select. The company says in a blog post that over the coming months, the Messages app will start showing suggestions directly from the Google Assistant about movies, restaurants, and weather. Users will be able to dictate text messages, web searches or anything else that has a text field. From there, they can decide if they want to share that information back into the conversation. Alongside the expansion, Google has brought seven new Indic languages to the Google Assistant.

Google has assured every user that conversations are not sent to Assistant since it uses on-device AI.

Considering a dedicated hardware key if this is what Google plans, then it sounds possible on current smartphone designs. To ease out such complexities, Google has launched Google Assistant - a feature that can assist people whenever needed. Assistant will also be expanding its capabilities in the up-and-coming phone platform KaiOS. Now, Assistant will also be able to support Korean, Hindi, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Dutch.

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