Epic Breaks Down the ‘Fortnite’ World Cup $100 Million Prize Pool

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Fortnite World Cup kicks off in April with $30 million final in July

Each week $1,000,000 will be on the line.

The top 100 solo players and the top 50 duos teams worldwide will come to NY for the Fortnite World Cup finals from July 26-28 with a prize pool of $30 million. Each of the players who take part are guaranteed at least $50,000 (£38,380.75) in winnings.

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Throughout the "Fortnite World Cup" non-competitive players will be able to join in on the fun by playing in special custom challenges.

Epic has revealed the details for its Fortnite World Cup event: it starts on April 13 with 10 weekly Online Open qualifiers followed by the World Cup Finals in July.

Epic Games pulled in $2.4 billion in 2018 and, this year, is making an estimated $300 million per month from Fortnite, according to third-party firm SuperData. Two hundred players will compete in the World Cup (100 solos and 50 duos teams), and everyone will earn a minimum of $50,000. Fortnite has been quite rewarding these days, and many people think it's because of the growing of the Battle Royale genre. Whether you celebrate with us in-person or tune in online to catch all of the action, the Fortnite World Cup will have something for everyone! These tournaments will feature different modes and formats to allow other players to compete and potentially win the massive cash prize. Meanwhile, Epic says it will still have money leftover to support global Fortnite events from its partners in more countries and regions.

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