Super Snow Moon on display through Tuesday morning

2019’s biggest supermoon to light up the sky

2019’s biggest supermoon to light up the sky

The biggest supermoon is all set to make an appearance tonight and the good news is that us Indians will also be able to witness the super snow moon.

A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is full and comes within 90 percent of its closest approach to Earth.

As the first full moon of February, this supermoon is known as a snow moon, based on the typical cold, snowy weather in North America. However, it will still put on a show both Monday and Tuesday night.

Now you might think that the time the moon rises can be precisely calculated, and, indeed, if you google the time of moonrise for your location, you will probably get a time that suggests accuracy to the minute.

Astronomers don't like the term "supermoon", which was bestowed by an astrologer; the actual scientific name for the event is "perigee'" which means "closest to Earth".

When the moon is low over the horizon in the east, it can be clearly seen along with earthbound points of reference, such as buildings or hills. It's a combination of two things - a snow moon and a supermoon.

The moniker "supermoon" isn't scientific; it was introduced in 1979 by the astrologer Richard Nolle and is now used in pop culture to describe a moon that is brighter than usual, according to NASA. "In the lunar calendar, names were often given to each month's moon".

"Yes, maybe it's not as super as you might have imagined but in my mind, it gets people thinking about the moon and looking at it", Dr Tucker said.

The moon looks particularly large because it's at its closet point to Earth.

Just a month ago, Trinidad and Tobago witnessed a spectacular occurrence - a total lunar eclipse and a bonus Super Blood Wolf Moon, all in one. "Or any area which gives you a clear view to the horizon without any obstructions", he says.

On Tuesday 19 February the world will be treated to a stunning full moon.

And it's also the biggest full moon supermoon of 2019.

The third supermoon of 2019 is expected March 21.

Trinidad and Tobago's skygazers are in for a treat as the biggest and brightest supermoon of 2019 will be witnessed today.

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