Sen. Elizabeth Warren Formally Launches 2020 Presidential Run

Thousands of Native Americans died on the trail of tears - Trump appears to be making a joke about it

Twitter erupts after ‘snowflakes’ force Rob Lowe to delete Warren ‘chief’ tweet

Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren drew cheers in Iowa by suggesting that President Donald Trump may end up in prison before the 2020 presidential election.

Warren made the statement on the first day of her campaign while speaking to voters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"Every day there is a racist tweet, a hateful tweet - something really dark and ugly", she said. And what are we as candidates, as activists, as the press, going to do about that? "We're going to chase after those every day?" "Let him make a full report to the American people and then collectively we can make the decision about what the appropriate next step is". She also apologized to the Cherokee Nation for muddying the waters about tribal citizenship when she released a DNA test in October purporting to vindicate her longtime claims of Native American ancestry.

Warren's campaign launch has been shadowed by the controversy surrounding her past claims to Native American heritage. It's no longer just the Mueller investigation. "Donald Trump is the symptom of a badly broken system", she said.

The New York Times, a declining and laughable rag filled with fake news, had the audacity to criticize the president for "racism" because he criticized Elizabeth Warren for pretending to be a 'native American'.

But Warren has been critical of the growing case against the president, from more information about his connections to Putin and a Trump Tower Moscow to his dealing with his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

"Elizabeth Warren has already been exposed as a fraud by the Native Americans she impersonated and disrespected to advance her professional career, and the people of MA she deceived to get elected", Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement.

Warren herself may "not be a free person" soon.

Others accused Hollywood of hypocrisy, saying it was okay for them to tweet bad things about Trump, but it was off-limits to do the same about a Democrat.

"Senator Warren did not make a surprise visit to the NCAI conference today", a spokeswoman told CNN, "although it is my understanding that she spoke at the National Indian Women Honor Luncheon".

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