Senate Judiciary Committee Approves William Barr’s Attorney General Nomination

Democrats eager to press Whitaker on Mueller and Trump

Senate panel votes to advance nomination of William Barr, Trump's pick to be the next attorney general

A practicing Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus, Barr said in his confirmation hearings that he did not believe his faith would hinder his ability to serve as an effective attorney general.

"Barr assured me of his commitment to protecting civil rights, including the vigorous enforcement of voting rights protections", Jones wrote in a tweet Thursday. At the Judiciary Committee's hearing Thursday, all 10 panel Democrats voted against moving the nomination forward, while all 12 Republicans voted to advance it.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved William Barr's nomination for attorney general along party lines Thursday.

However, with Republicans holding 53 seats, Barr is widely expected to be approved by the upper chamber. Lindsey Graham (R-NC) acknowledged that President Donald Trump "can be a handful".

Watch: Barr and Mueller are friends?

The nominee was attorney-general once before, under president George HW Bush. He told them he would resign rather than fire Mueller without cause or change regulations so that could happen.

He added, "But he does ask people what they think and he asked me about the attorney general".

"I think the Russians attempted to interfere with the election". Among independents, 88 percent said the report should be released. Barr says he will release as much as he can under the law.

"I'm speaking to what I hope is the 60 percent in the middle that are saying, 'Give me the facts that I need to make a determination in this one particular instance - what happened.' And that's what our focus is", he said. "And he will stand up for this Constitution, even if it's against the wishes of this president". Democratic Senators on the Judiciary Committee grilled Barr on issues relating to the Mueller probe and executive privilege, criminal justice policy, immigration, and more.

So, the nomination of William Barr for U.S. Attorney General fell through the cracks.

Democrats and many Republicans have said they believe Mueller's final report should be fully released.

Barr was selected after former attorney general Jeff Sessions was pushed out in November 2018. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., said. The picks were renominated after their nominations expired at the end of last Congress and must restart the confirmation process.

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