Fortnite finally lets you merge multiple accounts into one

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Players must have used an Xbox or Switch account and a PlayStation account before September 28th 2018 for this tool to work.

It feels alike an age since Sony forced Fortnite: Battle Royale players to create separate accounts to play the game on Nintendo Switch, but Epic Gamers has finally applied a solution to fix the damage. You can then use this primary account on any platform, since every version of Fortnite now allows for cross-platform play. This means there are players that wish to merge their accounts so they can use their V-Bucks or cosmetics on any account, but this feature was not previously available.

The feature was due to roll out late a year ago but suffered a delay.

The secondary account will be "merged and disabled" and the login on your secondary account will be linked to your primary account instead.

Shortly after that, the two accounts you signed into will be merged to the Primary Account. If you've been playing Save The World, you will bring over your secondary account's XP, Heroes, Llamas, Defenders, Schematics, Survivors, Evolution and Perk Materials.

If you have duplicate 3rd party login like Facebook on both your Primary and Secondary account, the Secondary login will be unlinked.

The merger process itself is straightforward: pick the primary account you want to keep using, and the secondary account you want to move all the stuff over from (you'll need access to the email addresses used for each so you can copy in authentication codes). Choose carefully what account is the main one.

After the merge process, you'll see an "Account Merge Pending" message in the lobby.

But you know like when you order something online and you have to wait for it to ship, get through customs, and delivered? Trouble is, with some games where you play on your PS4 and then switch over to your PC, your progress won't carry over because of the different platforms. Two weeks later your Fortnite Cosmetic Items and V-Bucks will be transferred to your Primary Account.

We don't want to overstate the clout of Epic Games and their little battle royale game that could, but this effectively kicked into gear a change within PlayStation that is ushering in cross-play.

The catch? That process takes about two weeks, and you will lose access to the secondary account during the process. The moving process will take about two weeks, after which your second account will be disabled.

Marketplace Items, Creative Islands and Save the World account level progress do not merge. Do you at all play Fortnite on a regular basis?

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