Warren picks a faded mill city for presidential announcement

Representative Joe Kennedy and Senator Elizabeth Warren

Representative Joe Kennedy and Senator Elizabeth Warren

"Hard-working people are up against a small group that holds far too much power, not just in our economy, but also in our democracy".

"If they are going to toss her out of the ring over that, then they aren't looking deep enough", said Sheri Clark Nadell, 58, a high school teacher.

Vowing to take on a "rigged system that props up the rich and powerful and kicks dirt on everyone else", Sen.

During the roughly 45-minute speech, she repeatedly stressed her image as a fighter, linking her family's economic struggles to a promise to battle for middle-class Americans. "And that is why I stand here today - to declare that I am a candidate for president of the United States".

But even as Warren sharpens her policy positions and political message, the specter of additional, previously undisclosed examples of Warren labeling herself Native American on professional forms looms in the background.

Warren's heritage claims have dogged her since her first campaign for the Senate in 2012, and Trump mockingly refers to her as "Pocahontas". The Washington Post published a document that shows, for the first time, Warren's handwritten assertion that she was an "American Indian" on a 1986 registration card she filled out for the Texas bar.

In the shadow of long-unused smoke stacks, at the site of a famous factory strike more than a century ago, Elizabeth Warren formally launched her presidential bid. Warren apologized to leaders of the Cherokee Nation earlier this month.

"The story of Lawrence is a story about how real change happens in America", Warren told a crowd that the campaign estimated at 3,500. A recent CNN poll found that fewer Democrats said they'd be very likely to support Ms Warren if she ran than said the same of former Vice President Joe Biden or Senators Kamala Harris of California and Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Bernie Sanders in 2016; Hillary Clinton, then a NY senator, in 2008; and then-Massachusetts Sen.

After announcing her formation of an exploratory committee on December 31st, Elizabeth Warren officially announced her candidacy for president in the 2020 election.

"In our country if you work hard and play by the rules, you ought to be able to take care of yourself and the people you love".

"And I challenge every other candidate who asks for your vote in this primary to say exactly the same thing". And families of color face a path that is steeper and rockier.

Warren, a former law professor at Harvard University specializing in bankruptcy and commercial law, was a key architect of Barack Obama-era regulations to protect consumers from predatory lenders. Warren's platform will focus on numerous same issues she's worked on since she was a Harvard Law School professor who helped President Barack Obama create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after the 2008 recession: cracking down on big banks, making corporations more accountable to workers, and expanding health care and housing for the middle class and low-income Americans.

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