Mobile stokes optimism for Sprint merger during earnings call

T-Mobile tells FCC that if Sprint deal closes, prices won't rise for at least three years

T-Mobile CEO promises the same or better prices following Sprint Merger - news

The company also thinks that all wireless consumers would be better off after the merger as AT&T and Verizon would most likely reduce prices also to remain competitive. Both T-Mobile and Sprint have told regulators that the deal needs to be approved in order for the be a leader in 5G connectivity. Legere says that the merged carrier will offer the same rates as those available to T-Mobile and Sprint customers right now, or they will be lower than today's prices.

Executives from the telecom giant T-Mobile - which a year ago asked the Trump administration to approve its megamerger with Sprint - have booked at least 52 nights at President Trump's Washington hotel since then, even more than previously reported, according to newly obtained records from the hotel. By contrast, all of T-Mobile's rivals had lackluster quarters, suggesting the company was once again attracting customers from other brands. Sprint trailed with 54 million. In 2018, T-Mobile brought in a total of $43.25 billion in revenue, also just ahead of analyst expectations and up 7 percent over 2017.

When analysts pressed him on the pricing commitment, Legere said network capacity is one of the key differentiators for a combined T-Mobile and Sprint.

Mignon Clyburn could make it a tad more hard to argue against the deal.

"The company's pledge is riddled with loopholes and ensures that any network improvements will allow them to justify higher monthly bills, effectively rendering the pledge meaningless", a group known as the 4Competition Coalition noted in a statement. "Their response-inviting government agencies to regulate their behavior-seeks to impose precisely the kind of behavioral conditions that regulators have found insufficient in merger reviews". He says that these critics erroneously cling to the assumption that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger will cause consumers to pay more for wireless service and/or get fewer features with their plans.

Moving forward. T-Mobile shares rose 1.6% in premarket trading. "With our stable property tax rate, highly-skilled workforce, and great quality of life, it's no wonder that hundreds of employers have chosen to grow more jobs in Monroe County in the past three years alone".

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