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A DJ Is Doing A Live Set Inside 'Fortnite' This Weekend, Which Is Peak 2019

What's going on: "Fortnite" - the battle royale game that has swept the nation - has chose to drop a number of items related to Marshmello, who is a trance music DJ, according to Forbes.

In the days leading up to the exclusive event, which was held at festival stage at Pleasant Park, flyers were seen throughout the map, promoting the fest. An NPC of Marshmello is also expected to appear on the stage to play the tracks.

Of course, "Fortnite" is an incredibly popular Battle Royale game that sees 100 players take each other on to fight and see who is the last man standing. Keep It Mello is an emote you receive for the Showtime venue challenge, so you'll need to do that first in order to perform the dance. With damage turned off while at the concert, you got lobbies full of 60 people each doing Fortnite dances, the worm, the Marsh walk, and other insane emotes. Not only did the event go smoothly, but the general consensus was that it was one of the game's best events yet.

The concert will take place Saturday at the Pleasant Park location. The big deal with the Fortnite Marshmello gig was not whatwas done but how it was done. That can then be used on the third challenge to unlock the Marshmello-themed pickaxe.

Concerned about dying or being eliminated during the Marshmello concert? Searching the Showtime Poster will reward you with a Marshmello spray.

Did you attend the Marshmello concert?

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