Dozens wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers in West Bank, Gaza

Dozens wounded in clashes with Israeli soldiers in West Bank, Gaza - Xinhua |

Turkey slams Israel's plan on Hebron monitoring

They had penetrated into Israel from the Gaza border.

Israel has begun construction on a taller, larger, bigger above-ground "smart fence" along the Gaza border, to accompany the partially-completed underground barrier which includes advanced sensors and monitoring devices used to detect subterranean terrorist tunnels.

According to the defense ministry, the barrier will be 20 feet high and stretch 40 miles along the border.

The barrier, set to stand six metres off the ground, "will prevent terrorists from Gaza from penetrating into our territory on the ground", he said in Hebrew.

In addition, the structure is created to prevent the construction of underground tunnels from Gaza.

A spokesman for the Red Crescent, Mahmoud al-Saadi, said Israeli forces opened fire on two young men who were traveling on a motorcycle near the Jalameh checkpoint in the northern city of Jenin.

However, the Egyptians also stressed that Hamas must maintain calm in the Strip and slow the Great March of Return, including preventing the burning of tyres and cutting the Israeli border fence.

Residents of blockaded Palestinian enclave have staged mass protests on the border since 30 March.

With security coordination one of the last venues of cooperation between Israel and Palestine, the loss of such coordination could easily lead the PA leadership to take more drastic moves in the worldwide community, figuring they don't have much else to risk in the way of Israeli ties in trying to get support from the United Nations on serious policy matters.

The ministry decisively rejected Israel's claims that the group was working against Israel and accused the Israeli government of using the claims as a rationalization for its decision. Since 2008, Israel has fought three wars with Hamas.

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