Ariana Grande fixes misspelled Japanese text tattoo

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Ariana Grande makes Billboard history with another No. 1 hit

Ariana Grande wanted to celebrate her new hit single but ended up celebrating "barbecue" instead.

The saga unfolded when Ariana unveiled a new tattoo on the palm of her hand on Instagram on Thursday night, an inking meant to read 7 Rings in Japanese.

Too bad pop star Ariana Grande is vegan - she just tattooed an accidental homage to a Japanese barbeque grill on her palm. In a tweet, Grande calls says her mom is the "baddest, most intelligent, most thoughtful" mom and says she wants to be as "graceful" as her mother one day.

"I'M SCREAMING did Ariana Grande really tattoo the Japanese kanji of bbq grill on her hand SIS." one Twitter user said. It hurt like f-- n still looks tight. What she meant to tatoo, was '7 Rings.' She shared the image with fans but then quickly deleted it once fans took note.

"Pls leave me and my tambourine grill alone. thank u", she tweeted. She has also since removed a photo of the tattoo in question from her Instagram.

"It's just to remind to me to drink more water", she told host Conan O'Brien.

She also went onto explain that she knows the translation is wrong, but said there was a reason she left out some symbols. Fans of Grande also found the tattoo fail hilarious, and didn't hold back when it came to poking some fun. Grande chose to get "7 Rings" tattooed on her hand in Kanji but made a serious error.

"It's the typical archetype of people using google translate before getting a tattoo." .

Actress Jennifer Lawrence thought it would be cool to get "H20", the symbol for water, tattoed on her hand.

In terms of tattoo-based publicity stunts, however, Grande is no match for singer Kelsy Karter who apparently had her idol and fellow popstar Harry Styles" face tattooed on her cheek, following the release of her latest single, "Harry'.

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