Louis officer charged after deadly game with revolver

Officer Katlyn Alix

Officer Katlyn Alix

A St. Louis police officer has been charged with manslaughter in the death of another officer, allegedly by shooting her during a game of Russian roulette.

Katlyn Alix, a 24-year-old military veteran, was killed at an officer's home in St Louis in the U.S. just before 1am Thursday while she and fellow cop, Nathaniel Hendren, 29, allegedly played a fatal game of Russian roulette.

Officer Katlyn Alix, a 24-year-old military veteran, was killed at an officer's home during a fatal game of Russian roulette.

The third off-duty officer at Hendren's home told investigators he warned Hendren and Alix "that they shouldn't be playing with guns and that they were police officers".

In the probable cause affidavit obtained by the outlet, Hendren allegedly said that he and Alix took turns firing a revolver at one another after all but one of the bullets had been removed and replaced.

Alix then took the weapon and pointed it at Hendren and pulled the trigger, but the weapon did not fire.

Hendren "took the gun back and pointed it at the victim (and) pulled the trigger causing the gun to discharge", the statement said.

A police incident report says the officers were seated in the apartment living room when one of the male officers "mishandled a firearm and shot (Alix) in the chest".

Alix was rushed to hospital where she sadly died.

The shooting happened around 1 a.m. Thursday when two on-duty male officers went to one of their homes during their shift. The warrant says she died of her injuries.

In a statement on Friday, Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner said that she would 'hold people accountable who violate Missouri law regardless of their profession, public status, or station in life'. That officer, identified as Hendren's partner, said he didn't want to be involved with the gunplay and started to leave the apartment.

"Chief [John] Hayden promised Officer Alix's family that he would ensure that our Force Investigation Unit would conduct a thorough and competent investigation regarding this incident", noted department spokesperson Sergeant Keith Barrett.

Police did not say why Hendren and his partner had gone to Hendren's house in the first place, or why they asked Alix to come over.

An off-duty United States cop has been pronounced dead after she was shot in the chest during a game of Russian roulette with her colleagues.

The shooting was reported by both Hendren and his partner at 12:56 a.m. on Thursday.

When he returned, Alix was bleeding from the chest, the officer said.

Alix was a patrol officer who had graduated from the St. Louis Police Academy in January 2017. Alix was hired by the department in June 2016, according to St. Louis Today.

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