Where to find the square-handled crank in Resident Evil 2

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Where to find the square-handled crank in Resident Evil 2

So, grab yourself a (Jill) sandwich and read on!

Players everywhere can finally get their hands on Resident Evil 2 to see just how many changes the remake made to the classic horror adventure we all know and love. There's now no showrunner attached, but the show will come courtesy of Netflix and Constantin Films, the same production company as the film series.

It's worth noting, though, that Netflix hasn't officially confirmed anything - and something else might make you stop in your tracks.

The zombies of Resident Evil may shamble onto Netflix.

As utterly glorious to play as it was to watch unfold across various previews, Capcom's remake of Resident Evil 2 is every bit as glorious and "Holy sh*t, they nailed this", as Resident Evil 1's remake in 2002. This show is expected to stay true to its roots, with plenty of signature elements, action sequences and "easter eggs" from the game series.

We've heard whisperings of a reboot that'll take its cues from Resident Evil 7, the terrifying 2017 entry in the game franchise, and Variety reported in December that Constantin Film hired Johannes Roberts to direct.

According to the report, Constantin Film, the same studio behind the Resident Evil movies, is at the helm for this new series.

YouTube's "Philly Wonken" has shared a video, showing what a remastered version of Resident Evil 2 could look like.

But it's not just Hunk's attractive non-face that you'll get to see once more.

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