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Spider-Man Far From Home Tom Holland

Tom Holland took to Twitter to tease fans about the release of the first official trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home

The long wait was totally worth it, though, since the trailer is - in our humble opinion - sweet as all heck.

Luckily for us though, the references in the Far From Home trailer not only make plenty of sense, they're pretty fantastic too. She high-fives him and wraps him in a hug, the two celebrating a job well done.

The cast includes Zendaya as MJ, Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Jon Favreau as Harold (Happy) Hogan. Today the star revealed one of the trailer during a live stream on his Instagram account. "Likewise, if he wants to dredge up the biggest regret from Peter's past, Mysterio could create a lifelike projection of Uncle Ben, who we've yet to see in this universe". Will we be expected to take him seriously in the movie?

This isn't anything exciting either, but I love that they've made Mr. Delmar a regular character who Peter talks to like a good friend.

The much-anticipated first teaser for Spider-Man: Homecoming follow-up Spider-Man: Far From Home has arrived, shedding light on a bit of the mystery-and Mysterio-that has dominated the conversation surrounding the Sony/Marvel sequel. Honestly, I can tell you, when I first read the script I was blown way that I was going to share the screen with these fantastic people. However, once he's paid a visit by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), he suddenly finds himself back on the job.

This poster is really fun, leaning into the whole "summer vacation" vibe of the film as the iconic Spider-Man mask is covered in travel stickers.

"You've got gifts, Parker". "Are you going to step up or not?"

There's lots and lots to discuss in this trailer, so hit the comments below and tell us what you think. First, there's nothing that can be done to make Mysterio look cool.

Tom Holland added, "The fantastic story in this film is the relationship between Spider-Man and Mysterio".

That said, since it's a tradition in comic in general to bring back characters from the dead, it was only a matter a time before Peter Parker was resurrected. Nothing in the trailer even gives a wink or a nod or a nudge to the films.

Spider-Man: Far From Home opens July 5 in the USA, and July 4 in Australia.

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