Joe Lieberman Lashes Back at Controversial Rep. Ocasio-Cortez

Joe Lieberman takes another dig at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Trump Says ‘Who Cares?’ About Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman Brags She’s Getting ‘Under His Skin’

During that interview, Cooper asked Ocasio-Cortez why she didn't "talk about President Trump very much".

The young Democrat's comments came in response to Trump brushing off her accusations that he's a racist.

Trump fielded bipartisan backlash after he initially condemned the violence "on many sides" without singling out white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was added to the list of speakers at South by Southwest's (SXSW) 2019 conference.

"Mr. President, congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez called you a racist", a reporter said to the president on Monday as he was preparing to leave on a trip to New Orleans.

Asked at the White House to respond to her claim that he's a 'racist, ' Trump shook his head, waved dismissively and grimaced: 'Who cares?'

On Friday, CBS News announced the new slate of reporters and producers who would cover the 2020 campaign.

Lieberman reportedly commented on this reaction, calling it "kind of silly", according to the New York Post. Ocasio-Cortez will speak to Briahna Gray, senior politics editor at The Intercept, during her appearance, Variety reported Tuesday.

Ocasio-Cortez recently floated the notion of a 70 percent tax on the wealthy to fund the proposed Green New Deal, of which she's an advocate. A Democratic socialist with an ambitious agenda and quick to hit back at conservative and media critics, she has amassed a huge following since coming into the public's attention last summer with her upset primary victory over former Rep. Joe Crowley (D., N.Y.). "I understand guys like this like the back of my hand".

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Yeah.

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