Something 'Fantastic' is heading to Marvel's Spider-Man

Something 'Fantastic' is heading to Marvel's Spider-Man

Spider-Man on PS4 is getting something 'fantastic'

Marvel has teased that something "fantastic" is heading to Insomniac Games' Spider-Man game on PlayStation 4.

And since Spider-Man on PS4 is a Marvel game, the official Twitter account for the division confirmed that the game certainly won't be left behind.

At the tail end of today's livestream detailing new Fantastic Four content that would soon be coming to a multitude of different Marvel games, it was teased that something "fantastic" would also soon be arriving in Marvel's Spider-Man.

As to what this new Fantastic Four DLC could be - there are a number of possibilities. "While they may have awesome powers and go on wonderful journeys into the unknown, at their heart the Fantastic Four are a family who may argue and bicker from time to time, but who ultimately stand with each other to protect the world against the universe's greatest sci-fi threats".

Marvel recently hosted a live stream dedicated to the Fantastic Four as it celebrates the heroes all this week.

No hints so far as to what exactly this might entail, and the game's developers Insomniac are keeping hush, merely pointing to a tweet by Marvel asking fans to guess what the surprise might be.

So what do you think this "fantastic" content will turn out to be? Or it could be the costume I'm secretly holding out hope for, which is just Spidey in a Fantastic Four suit with a bag over his head. That said, could we be getting something more? This lets players skirmish with Mister Fantastic, Human Torch, The Invisible Woman and, of course, Thing. Honestly, my money's on just the costume, but you never know!

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